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¡¡¡¡"Yes, and where do you put the others?" inquired Dolokhov.,¡¡¡¡As he passed one of these attics, Marius thought he perceived in the uninhabited cell the motionless heads of four men, vaguely lighted up by a remnant of daylight, falling through a dormer window,,,¡°Vot is it?¡± .,¡¡¡¡I have that general on my back, and I am carrying him through the grape-shot. There's the history of it! That general never did a single thing for me; he was no better than the rest!!!


,,¡¡¡¡The day passed thus.,, ....

¡¡¡¡There was in the English infantry, particularly in Kempt's brigade, a great many raw recruits.,15 INT -- INFIRMARY -- NIGHT (1947) 15...¡¡¡¡Kuragin asked her opinion of the performance and told her how at a previous performance Semenova had fallen down on the stage.,¡¡¡¡THE LAST SQUARE.;¡¡¡¡It is rare that charity and pity are the outcome of these words.;¡¡¡¡ -THE END-,!

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¡¡¡¡On that side the lane was open, and about two hundred paces further on, ran into a street of which it was the affluent.,¡¡¡¡"One would have thought quill drivers enough had sprung up," remarked the old prince. "There in Petersburg they are always writing- not notes only but even new laws. My Andrew there has written a whole volume of laws for Russia. Nowadays they are always writing!" and he laughed unnaturally.,,¡¡¡¡These brutalities, which are only matter, entertain a confused fear of having to deal with the immense obscurity condensed into an unknown being. A black figure barring the way stops the wild beast short. That which emerges from the cemetery intimidates and disconcerts that which emerges from the cave; the ferocious fear the sinister; wolves recoil when they encounter a ghoul..¡¡¡¡"You are wretches, but my life is not worth the trouble of defending it.,¡¡¡¡"But, Prince," Dessalles began timidly, "the letter mentions Vitebsk....",¡¡¡¡His almost squalid attire was not perceptible in the obscurity caused by the shade.!

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¡¡¡¡On the books of profane music which entered the convent, amour (love) was replaced by tambour (drum) or pandour.,¡¡¡¡Who was concerned, after all?...!¡¡¡¡As he had guessed, there stood a building whose roof started from the top of the wooden barricade and descended to within a very short distance of the ground, with a gentle slope which grazed the linden-tree. A lucky circumstance, ,291 EXT -- COUNTRYSIDE -- DAY 291;air is unequal; as you shall see many fine seats, set upon a knap of ground, environed with higher hills round about it: whereby the heat of the sun is pent in, and the wind gathereth as in troubles; so as you shall have, and that suddenly, as great diversity of heat and cold, as if you dwelt in several places. Neither is it ill air ...CAMERA TRACKS along groups of men, all riveted.!

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¡¡¡¡"Of course! It's marvelous. So bold, so easy!".better grace in youth, than in age: such as is a fluent and luxuriant speech; which ...¡¡¡¡Cambronne's reply produces the effect of a violent break. 'Tis like the breaking of a heart under a weight of scorn. 'Tis the overflow of agony bursting forth.,NORTON.¡¡¡¡Before proceeding further, it will be to the purpose to narrate in some detail, a singular occurrence which took place at about the same epoch, in Montfermeil, and which is not lacking in coincidence with certain conjectures of the indictment..¡¡¡¡"Yes, madame!" cried Cosette, waking with a start, "here I am! here I am!",BOOK FIFTH.--THE END OF WHICH DOES NOT RESEMBLE THE BEGINNING,¡¡¡¡The source of this contradiction lies in the fact that the historians studying the events from the letters of the sovereigns and the generals, from memoirs, reports, projects, and so forth, have attributed to this last period of the war of 1812 an aim that never existed, namely that of cutting off and capturing Napoleon with his marshals and his army.,? Leo Tolstoy...¡¡¡¡It's stupid to let old people stray off like that.;

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